Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project 1: Rememberance

For project 1, we were to interpret the meaning of modern photography. So I chose how it is used to remember others, even if they’re gone. The birds above symbolize photos, taken when it was still alive. As you scroll down, the bird photos begin to fade away, and the background dims, until you reach the deceased hairy woodpecker resting on the floor. This symbolizes that the creature is no longer with us, but we can always remember it thanks to memory and photography.

My own memory is terrible with faces, so when I forget a face I know there’s always photos to remind me. So, I wanted to illustrate how important photography has become for memory, whether for current friends, or great grandparents. 

First, I started with a long angle of a tree, and added in a forest floor. From there, I looked up deceased birds to find a good position, and cut out my choice. Luckily, I guessed it was in the woodpecker family and soon found out it was a hairy woodpecker, and so looked up five pictures of this species in different poses, and cut them out with the eraser tool. After resizing the birds and moving them to good angles, I moved all the “alive bird photos” into one merged layer. To make them transparent, I erased with a pressure sensitive brush. Then, I picked out a grainy photo backdrop to give the birds alive some “photo quality’s”, took away most of it’s yellow, and made it transparent to fit the birds. Then, I applied an outer glow effect to brighten the birds up, and added a bit more glow with the eraser tool. I erased some of the deceased bird to make it look like it was resting in the grass, and applied a small shadow using the drop shadow effect. Finally, I added a bit more glow with a soft set white brush, and added a bit of glowing circles of light coming from him with a pen pressure white brush.

(rough)Concept sketches: 
The first shows how the birds would be flying alive, while the real one would rest on the floor, dead.
The second was another idea, of a billboard showing alive polar bears in a pool of ice, placed next to the reality: melted glaciers, and a drowned bear. 
Put together with these photos:  

Deceased bird:

Bird Photo 1:
Bird Photo 2:
Bird Photo 3:

Bird Photo 4:

Photo texture:

Bird photo 5(link stopped working):

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