Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FInal Project: Unwanted Visitor

In order to view this flash, please direct yourself to my Deviantart link:


Picture on the side: Blue Forest

A picture done, again, for a friends birthday.
Cloud the Vir'voli is Kristins character.
Made with a pencil sketch and photoshop

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chapter 3 Response

In the third chapter, themes of digital art were discussed. Digital art, with its many techniques open to artists, produces many themes. It is up to the art of which path to take for their project, from animation, to mapping, or combinations.
            One such example deals with creating artificial life concepts. Christa and Laurent made a website program called “Life Spacies”, dealing with the idea of both actually and artificial life. The “player” can alter the pool of evolution, letting them experience the idea of manipulated evolution on a virtual scale. It is only achievable to a viewer through computer, and so is a digital theme.
            One of the more popular ideas of digital art is through robots, with technical engineering and possibly screen displays. Artists and engineers alike can be fascinated heavily by the idea of artificial robot life, and so continue to build the most realistic, the more helpful, the best. In this way is has become an art form, through the engineering and outside design. The can be helpful to elderly patients, or smash each other to pieces in robot demolition tournaments. Or, they can be an artistic sculpture, used for movies or haunted houses.
            Meanwhile, some artists devote attention to online chatting, the actions of people online and how  they communicate through text and video chat, whether talking to a close friend, meeting strangers in a fast paced chat roulette, or dating people found on the internet. With this, many artists have made their own artistic pieces using screenshots and web recordings.
            Digital art has many themes, but for the most part they stick with technology based subjects. For this, art exhibits have changed, galleries themselves can exist solely on the internet, and art can be taken to whole new levels.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Emboar Revamped

Alright, time to post some GEEKY FANART. D8
Well, this creature is not of my design, it is actually a Pokemon, and I drew it for a collab on www.deviantart.com
This is my drawing of it:

And this is the original design, I DID NOT DRAW IT:

Most people (including me) don't like it for the lack of neck and proper tusks, however since I love boars so much I decided with a bit of tweaking it would be adorable. 

For more digital art by me, here is a link to my deviantart: www.plaid-pichu.deviantart.com
PLEASE BE WARNED, not only is it overflowing with mostly fanart, the comics make no sense/are inside jokes, so please don't look at them if you do click the link. Readers have been warned.

Storyboard for final project: animation

 The classic tale of adorable exploding animals. Plus a muscley bald guy in a wifebeater.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 3: Pixel Life

For our third project of embracing something with the digital aesthetic, I chose to pixelate everyday life with my friends, in a video game style. Doing what we usually do, taking a walk with our dogs, and mine with his stubby legs growing tired too quickly. Pictured is me, Scotty (my dog) the chihuahua, Zach (the one talking), my brother John, and Zach's Australian Shepard Cosmo. I feel guilty to point out Zach doesn't really say stuff like that about Scotty, but it was funnier that way. Scotty really does make weird quacking sounds when he's excited.

First, I started with an initial sketch of me, my friends, the dogs and the background.
Then, I started to do each pixel individually to make up the line art on all the main subjects, finally filling them in and pixeling in further details with color. The background are three rows of houses going back into the landscape. Originally they were only a slight blue, mostly grey, but it made Scotty's word bubble hard to read, so I changed it to a brighter blue. The sidewalk also has three layers as it melts into the landscape. First is the one the characters stand on, then in the background it gets lighter. Clouds were also added to the sky. Zach's character also has a dialogue box to show what he's saying. Often, pixelated games will have a more detailed facial expression with the text, to show what the character's mood is. This serves a great importance in games with more of a storyline. A border of blue was added to emphasize it clearer.
 I cannot say that I pixelated the text, instead I downloaded the font "DisposableDroidBB", made by www.blambot.com

I kept the background simple to show the characters more attention, though I do feel a bit more detail could've gone into it. Overall, I am happy with the result. 

 Heavy inspiration for this comes from the game Cave Story, as I loved the pixelated art style very much so:
Pictures of the characters Pixelated:

John, my younger brother

Cosmo the Australian Shepard, Zach's dog


 And my Chihuahua, Scotty

Concept sketches for project:

At first I thought of actual drawings of the pixelated characters from cave story, but that doesn't really fit the criteria, plus I do stuff like that all the time, so it wasn't challenging. Then I thought of making things look like video game characters, and instantly thought of my friends for making a real life video game setting.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chapter 2 Response

Digital art has become quite a popular medium in the last 50 years. When most people picture it, they think of animated movies, or 3D cartoons. In reality, there are tens of hundreds of digital art methods out there, and most combine different qualities in their work, whether its manipulating photography or painting over a 3D background. A quick examination can begin to show just what kinds are out there, from the simple to the obscure.
            Some digital art forms thrive off of recorded video. A method that consists of taking regular clips, and turning them into something puzzling and intriguing. From our classes, we have observed one man’s video, where he cut out everyone but the one basketball player. Instead of a stadium full of cheering and celebration, the player skipped and yelled in an empty room. This created a confusing yet interesting feel for the people that looked upon it. Another example is the artist that drew with sidewalk chalk, and by taking pictures with only one frame, he was able to edit it into a video, making the pictures seem like they were moving.
            Another form is more common practices, such as animation in 2D and 3D. Both are tipically created on the computer, leaving claymation and traditional 2D collecting dust in their once popular field. Though, occasionally movies such as “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “Lilo and Stitch” come out, using the old methods. These two mediums can be used from character design, to major movies, to short “flashes” on the internet, by lesser known artists.
            There is the form, now, of digital painting, quite popular especially among websites like DeviantArt.com, as millions own and update accounts consisting of this form, whether its fan art or their own characters. It usually takes place on Photoshop, though other popular programs consist of Sai, Manga Studio, and Corell Painter. In this medium, people can use the paintbrush tool with a wide variety of brushes, combined with layers and effects, to create.
            Photo manipulation also takes place now more than ever. With Photoshop, the user can cut out a deer, paste it to a background of a different photo, add weird effects and lightings, or paint on top of it. As such, many photographers frequentl take advantage of its “quick touchups”.
            From what we can see, digital art isn’t going anywhere for quite some time, destined to evolve and improve rapidly. Very year new technology is developed, some take mere months. But as such, older traditionally oriented artists have noticed such, and taken hold of the tablet pen. Where the art industry blows us next, we are awaiting.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the side Projects: Birthday pics for friends

All of these pictures were made in the last week, for friends. All feature their own characters.
The pink cat "Preencess" belongs to my friend Amanda, the sheep boy (Bo) and other human (Peter) belong to  my friend Emily, finally the grey-blue dog (Zero) belongs to a friend that goes by the name Zero.
Zeros' pic also features cape and glasses from his favorite show, Gurenn Lagann.
All were made by sketch on paper, scanned in and colored with the "airbrush pen opacity flow" brush on Photoshop. Extra watermarks added to prevent stealing, sorry if they're too obnoxious.

Friday, April 1, 2011

EXTRA: Jitzu Sketch

I have a character named Jitzu, and recently I sketched this quick picture up of him. HOPEFULLY I'll get to finishing the background and shading/lighting once I have more free time from all these projects.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project 2: Fancy Boar

Project 2:  For this assignment, we were to Create a “fabrication”, or parody.

Inspiration:   Honestly, I’ve been waiting a couple years to get an assignment where I could draw in one of my favorite mediums, digital painting. Since I enjoy to draw animals the most, I really wanted to do something involving them. So, I drew an alternate universe, where animals like Boar wear suits and read like humans. His 2 visible book covers are “Huckleberry Fish” (parodying “Huckleberry Finn”), and “To Kill a Mocking Human” (Parodying “To Kill A Mockingbird”). The book cover parody's are made to look similar to the original covers.

Process: First after sketching up concepts and finding all of my reference pictures, I decided on the fancy boar, and sketched everything out, including the animal, desk, books, etc. Then, I gave the boar a very small line art, digitally painting everything else. The wallpaper is a separate pattern I drew, then after copying a bunch to make wallpaper, I stuck it in the final document and warped it to fit the wall. I gave everything the main coloring, and then used the “multiply” setting to shade the light cast by the flame. An extra layer was added for more fire glow. Finally, I added my signature to the bottom. 

Concepts for project: 
 Originally the fancy animal was a deer, but thats overdone drawing-wise, and Boars seem to fit the theme better. Other ideas included a Deer that hunted human, and a gazelle in a hurtle race with humans.

Reference sheet:

Wallpaper pattern originally:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapter 1 Response

            Since the dawning of human existence, art has always played an important role. From communication, to story-telling, to beauty, art remains alive and well in our culture. In the 1960’s, a spark of a new age of art swept through a computer screen. A simple digital image was made on a computer screen, and with it came a wave of a new art form. Now, pictures can be painted on a screen. Ideas can look like reality with 3d animation, photography can be manipulated into whole other settings. Great development has been made with the leap into digital art in our society, but there are times when its pros slide into cons.
            First, lets take a positive look on what digital art has done for us. First, the creation of 3D characters using programs like Maya. With this, we have brought movies to a much more believable standard, like “Avatar”, “Transformers”, and the reanimated “King Kong”. Even cartoons have taken use of it, producing movies like “How To Train Your Dragon”, and “Toy Story”, taking the craft to a whole new level. Digital art as become a sweeping sensation too. All of the effects, minus the mess and the expensive tools. Patterns and stamping tools can make copying a breeze. The only drawback is that it can only live in a screen, the scrapes of paint dabbled on a traditional canvas bare on a digital print.  Photography has also been affected for the better. Now, effects like different colored objects, adding in characters, even morphing objects together, is all possible. Our ideas can come to life in ways we thought were only for the most realistic painters. Digital art is now showcased on art websites, making finding artists for jobs easier, and getting critiques from people around the world. Digital art has taken us to so many levels in art, in a matter of decades.
            But with this revolution, comes many drawbacks as well. Photography, pictures, paintings that had so many hours put into them, can now be “stolen” online. With a picture and a description, an art thief can take your work and claim it as their own. In a worst case scenario, they may even convince others that you’re the fraud, which is why all artists must be careful in displaying their own work. Watermarks and signatures can help this from happening, but even now clone stamps and healing brushes can erase any evidence. What’s more, People can take any photo or picture, and slightly alter it. And technically, that partly makes the new creation their own, the worst is when they don’t even credit the original artist.  Art thievery over the web has become the biggest problem in the last decades for artists everywhere. Still, it barely leaves a dent considering all that digital art has provided us with.
            The breakthrough of computer-based art continues to be upgraded and improved, we can only see what it will further lead to. No doubt, its effect in the art community has been vast, tilting the perspective of how we view art today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project 1: Rememberance

For project 1, we were to interpret the meaning of modern photography. So I chose how it is used to remember others, even if they’re gone. The birds above symbolize photos, taken when it was still alive. As you scroll down, the bird photos begin to fade away, and the background dims, until you reach the deceased hairy woodpecker resting on the floor. This symbolizes that the creature is no longer with us, but we can always remember it thanks to memory and photography.

My own memory is terrible with faces, so when I forget a face I know there’s always photos to remind me. So, I wanted to illustrate how important photography has become for memory, whether for current friends, or great grandparents. 

First, I started with a long angle of a tree, and added in a forest floor. From there, I looked up deceased birds to find a good position, and cut out my choice. Luckily, I guessed it was in the woodpecker family and soon found out it was a hairy woodpecker, and so looked up five pictures of this species in different poses, and cut them out with the eraser tool. After resizing the birds and moving them to good angles, I moved all the “alive bird photos” into one merged layer. To make them transparent, I erased with a pressure sensitive brush. Then, I picked out a grainy photo backdrop to give the birds alive some “photo quality’s”, took away most of it’s yellow, and made it transparent to fit the birds. Then, I applied an outer glow effect to brighten the birds up, and added a bit more glow with the eraser tool. I erased some of the deceased bird to make it look like it was resting in the grass, and applied a small shadow using the drop shadow effect. Finally, I added a bit more glow with a soft set white brush, and added a bit of glowing circles of light coming from him with a pen pressure white brush.

(rough)Concept sketches: 
The first shows how the birds would be flying alive, while the real one would rest on the floor, dead.
The second was another idea, of a billboard showing alive polar bears in a pool of ice, placed next to the reality: melted glaciers, and a drowned bear. 
Put together with these photos:  

Deceased bird: http://www.flickr.com/photos/16861042@N06/2648071306/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Bird Photo 1: http://www.birds-of-north-america.net/images/hairy-woodpecker-5.jpg
Bird Photo 2: http://sdakotabirds.com/species_photos/photos/hairy_woodpecker_2.jpg
Bird Photo 3: http://paulburwell.com/gallery/gallery/Avian/woodpeckers/woodpeckers_hairy/PFB_20070403_8648.jpg

Bird Photo 4: http://www.treknature.com/gallery/photo200150.htm

Photo texture: http://chillipaprika.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/old_paper.jpg

Bird photo 5(link stopped working):