Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project 2: Fancy Boar

Project 2:  For this assignment, we were to Create a “fabrication”, or parody.

Inspiration:   Honestly, I’ve been waiting a couple years to get an assignment where I could draw in one of my favorite mediums, digital painting. Since I enjoy to draw animals the most, I really wanted to do something involving them. So, I drew an alternate universe, where animals like Boar wear suits and read like humans. His 2 visible book covers are “Huckleberry Fish” (parodying “Huckleberry Finn”), and “To Kill a Mocking Human” (Parodying “To Kill A Mockingbird”). The book cover parody's are made to look similar to the original covers.

Process: First after sketching up concepts and finding all of my reference pictures, I decided on the fancy boar, and sketched everything out, including the animal, desk, books, etc. Then, I gave the boar a very small line art, digitally painting everything else. The wallpaper is a separate pattern I drew, then after copying a bunch to make wallpaper, I stuck it in the final document and warped it to fit the wall. I gave everything the main coloring, and then used the “multiply” setting to shade the light cast by the flame. An extra layer was added for more fire glow. Finally, I added my signature to the bottom. 

Concepts for project: 
 Originally the fancy animal was a deer, but thats overdone drawing-wise, and Boars seem to fit the theme better. Other ideas included a Deer that hunted human, and a gazelle in a hurtle race with humans.

Reference sheet:

Wallpaper pattern originally:

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