Friday, April 22, 2011

Emboar Revamped

Alright, time to post some GEEKY FANART. D8
Well, this creature is not of my design, it is actually a Pokemon, and I drew it for a collab on
This is my drawing of it:

And this is the original design, I DID NOT DRAW IT:

Most people (including me) don't like it for the lack of neck and proper tusks, however since I love boars so much I decided with a bit of tweaking it would be adorable. 

For more digital art by me, here is a link to my deviantart:
PLEASE BE WARNED, not only is it overflowing with mostly fanart, the comics make no sense/are inside jokes, so please don't look at them if you do click the link. Readers have been warned.

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